The magic of sunsets

Sunset doesn’t mean your day is over, or the adventure has to stop. As the sun sinks below the horizon, burning the sky red, pink and orange, you will find yourself with a refreshing drink in your hand, parked on the edge of a pan, river or camp site. Be still and watch as a herd of elephants come down to drink, reflect on your day in the wild as the shadows lengthen and the fiery sky darkens to deep orange. The first stars appear and the sky seems bigger than it does in the rest of the world. In wild Africa, you can see one or a million sunsets and every time the show of shadows and light will leave you dazzled and in awe because you have just witnessed a miracle.

This is the time for you to shut down, get rid of those modern day distractions and get back to nature.  Experiencing the afternoon haze of an African sunset and feel the soothing effect it has on your inner being.  Sunsets in the bush is an attack on your senses – it’s the smell of the earth, the sound of a pod hippo’s grunting protectively in their pool or the sight of a pride of lions with the red yellow sun as a backdrop. All this will leave you in awe of the magic we call Africa……….