Why do we camp?

Why do we camp?

Why do we regularly, voluntarily, drive six hours and sometimes days to a distant location so that we can live as basic as possible without any of the comforts home has to offer. Why would we want to escape from our reliance on infrastructure and daily devices and technology that makes our lives easy.

Do we camp to escape the boredom and routine of everyday life or do we camp because something deep inside of us yearn for that simple life. Or do we camp because nature have a powerful effect on the human spirit. Camping is pure. It’s an opportunity to strip away the pressure of the normal day and it forces you to focus on more important things. It gives you time to reflect on what is really important.


On a campsite you are not a director of a big company, doctor, lawyer, welder or street sweeper. You are just another camper. A campsite has a way to strip us all of all our titles and entitlement, it makes us all equal and on par with each other. I remember the days when you pitched your tent next to a complete stranger and left as best of best friends. It provides life changing opportunities and builds life-long bonds.

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Camping fills our personal memory reservoir. Camping is a wonderful mixture of authentic challenges,  lessons and unparalleled fun.  Come to think of it, many of my best life stories starts with “once when we were camping”…… The smell of the campfire, the magic of a sunset over the African Savannah, the call of a Jackal or Fish Eagle: all these things that reminds us of some of the best times of our lives is what makes camping so irresistible. All these wonderful camp memories also become the memories of your kids and it will stay with them for the rest of their lives, leaving them so much richer in experience and life lessons.


Camping is a bonding exercise, it allows us to talk to each other and to connect without the disturbance of social media, television, internet or computers. Sitting around a camp fire talking to each other is one way to reconnect with friends and family. Good conversation is easily pushed aside by social media and devices in today’s society, yet we need it so desperately.

I don’t think there is one single reason why we camp but rather a combination of a lot of special reasons. We camp because its medicine for our inner beings, emotionally it takes us back to primal times when life was simple and easy. We camp because we love it……..