Starry Nights, Forgotten Mountain Passes, Tankwa and the Wild West Coast.

Let’s go off the beaten track

10 – 17 August 2022

We will drive some old forgotten passes, get a star gazing experience and lecture by the very famous Jurg at Sterland, Sutherland. We might even be lucky to catch the flowers in full bloom in the Namaqua National Park. Do not miss this opportunity to book this epic adventure into the uncharted wild side of the West-coast. This 7 day trip will take us along the West Coast Eco trail and into the heart of the rugged beauty of the Northern Cape and its wonderful people. Only 6 vehicles makes this tour very exclusive and sought after.

We will meet up in Port Nolloth after which we’ll enter the previously restricted diamond mining area which include little towns like Koingnaas and Kleinsee. These forgotten towns has an old world charm with many tales and legends to be discovered. Over years the moody Atlantic Ocean has cut short many a sea voyage, sending these ships to a chilly grave along the virtually unspoilt coastline between Koingnaas and Kleinzee. In Hondeklipbaai we will visit the Aristea shipwreck which was a fishing trawler for I&J until she was called into duty in WWII as a minesweeper. The Aristea met her unfortunate end on the rocks outside Hondeklipbaai after her captain drunkenly neglected his duties.

Hondeklipbaai will be the overnight stay with things to do like:

  • Enjoy a walk from the Honnehokke Resort to the Hondeklipbaai/ Hondeklip Bay lighthouse
  • For a little romance, watch the sunset at Spitfire (Spatklip) and take a few stunning pictures
  • Pay a visit to Villian and Mads’s outdoor art studio
  • Visit Hondeklipbaai’s new coffee shop and art studio, The Shack.

We will enter the West coast part of this journey. The route allows us to experience a wide range of Namaqua habitats, from mountains to coast. The route includes the world famous Skilpad Wildflower Reserve– now part of the Namaqua National Park, where the parks’ offices are situated. From here the road goes through the Namaqua flatlands. This area is renowned for its ‘Riethuis quartz’ and the dune areas, which has a dry fynbos type growing here.

DAY 3 & 4
Time for some West Coast wild camping. There is no better route along the west coast than this. For 90 kilometers this narrow strip of pristine coastline must be one of the few places left in South Africa where you can wild camp on your own piece of beach. This is magic to experience the west coast like this.

 DAY 5
The village of Nieuwoudtville lies on the Bokkeveld Plateau, where the Cape Fynbos meets the Hantam Karoo, Boesmanland and the Knersvlakte. It is a place where the experience of silence, space and stars contribute to a tranquil way of life.

We will visit Protea Motors, the one & only garage in town. They have a big collection of vintage motorcycles and other interesting things to see but before getting there we have a surprise for you. Wine tasting and fine dining in Lutzville and Vredendal will be on our adventure menu for the day.

 DAY 6
The next day will see us going down the Ganaga Pass to the Tankwa Karoo National Park. The Tankwa Karoo National Park, especially in flower season, is a visual delight, but that is not all you’ll discover. Surreal desert moonscapes and scenic landmarks define this Northern Cape nature reserve. The soulful Karoo has long been a place where you’ll find peace and tranquility.

Tankwa Karoo National Park is also known for its spectacular birdlife. It’s a regular stopover for bird watchers in search of at least 18 Karoo endemics, a must do for birders visiting Southern Africa. This nature park hosts an abundance of reptile and invertebrate species and more recently antelope species have been introduced.

We will make our way via Ouberg Pass to Sutherland – where we will be doing some star gazing. Star gazing sessions are presented by the legendary Jurg. The star gazing session is max 2 hours long where you will be able to watch through 1 of 6 telescopes. Remember to “dress up for the occasion”. Evenings are cool,  in order for you to enjoy the program more thoroughly, being warmly dressed is essential.

 DAY 8
After a hearty breakfast we’ll head to Prins Albert via the Rammelkop Pass and Merweville. This leaves you in a good spot to further explore Route 62 on your own.

Places we visit:

  • Merweville and its beautiful church
  • Rammelkop Pass
  • Sutherland
  • Sterland
  • Ouberg Pass
  • Tankwa Karoo Nat Park
  • Gannaga Pass
  • Calvinia
  • Nieuwoudtville
  • Brand se Baai
  • Namakwa 4×4 Eco Trail
  • Namakwa Nat Park
  • Hondeklipbaai
  • Koingnaas
  • Kleinsee
  • Port Nolloth

What you need a good reliable, serviced 4-wheel drive vehicle.
Fuel range of app. 600km’s
Camping equipment and cooking/braai accessories.
Fridge/Freezer or cooler boxes. Food – 6 days.
Last but not least – A good sense of humour and a positive outlook.

2 way radios will be supplied by ourselves.

Price includes:
Camping fees, experienced tour guide and medic
Conservation fees
Park entry fees and Star Gazing (Sutherland)

Not included:
4×4 vehicle hire
Transfer fees
Game drives
Shipwreck tour

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