The beauty of nothingness….

How does one begin to describe the beauty of nothingness…..? Only after sitting on a sand dune and staring into the sea of sand do you appreciate the true beauty of nothingness.

Questions like who am I comes to mind in this bigger picture of nothingness. You come to realise that you are part of the blank canvas upon which the entire universe is painted. You start to realise how small and insignificant you really are. Only then do you realise that life as you know it has no bearing upon who you are but you live because of others. Your existence on earth is to be part of the bigger scheme of things and you have two options. To make life better for those around you and or to do the opposite. Choose wisely because you will be judged for it.


By birth we all have the same degree of beauty and purity and then life shapes and changes us into who and what we become. Be careful of the impacts you have on others, especially children Your actions can be the difference between good and evil.
Sometimes we need to travel and get away from life as we know it to get completely lost in the nothingness to find our true selfs.

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